Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Marshall Aquires FCross & Son

Marshall, the privately-funded, family-owned dealer group has today completed its acquisition of the F. Cross & Sons businesses in Grimsby and Scunthorpe, comprising:
It also includes Authorised Repairer businesses for Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles in Grimsby and Renault in Scunthorpe. Around 120 former F. Cross & Son colleagues have transferred to Marshall under the terms of the agreement.

Commenting on the deal, Marshall Chief Executive, Daksh Gupta said: “We are delighted to be acquiring these businesses and to welcome our new colleagues to Marshall. F. Cross & Son is another family owned business, like Marshall, and we share many of the same values.”

F. Cross & Son was founded in 1958 by Fred Cross and has remained a family business from that time. Marshall was founded in 1909 by David Marshall and its current chairman, Sir Michael Marshall is the third generation of the family to chair the family business.

Daksh Gupta added: “We are excited to be partnering Volkswagen, both with passenger cars and with light commercial vehicles, at these new businesses. Since we started out with our new strategy in 2008, we have been very keen to partner with both brands and build on our existing relationship with the wider Volkswagen Group. Volkswagen is one of the most highly respected automotive brands globally and we are looking forward to building a strong relationship them in the coming months and years. This acquisition is consistent with our strategy to grow nationally to minimise our over exposure to East Anglia and grow with scalable businesses as well as to build depth to our relationships with key brand partners like the Volkswagen Group.”

Spencer Clayton-Jones, National Franchise Manager for Volkswagen UK commented: “F. Cross & Son has been a partner of Volkswagen in the UK for over two decades and been part of the significant growth the Brand has enjoyed during that time. We are very grateful to the Cross family for representing the Volkswagen brand for so long and for developing a strong local reputation for both businesses, and wish them every success for the future. Going forward, we are pleased to welcome the Marshall Group to Volkswagen at such an exciting time for the Brand with the launch of both up! and Beetle in 2012. We look forward to working with the Marshall Group and enjoying the next phase of development and growth.”

Closing, Daksh Gupta said: “We are also glad to be deepening further our relationship with Kia and extending our representation to three sites with this growing brand. The Scunthorpe Kia business is one of the oldest in the country with that brand.”

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